Carol and Alpha Are “Formidable Forces” Clashing in The Walking Dead Season 10

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang is careful to avoid confirming Carol (Melissa McBride) will wage war against Whisperer leader Alpha (Samantha Morton) to avenge murdered son Henry (Matt Lintz), but does tease the two women are "formidable forces to go up against each other."

"I don't know what all I can say, and even by saying that I don't know what I can say kind of said something," McBride said at San Diego Comic-Con. "And that's all I'm gonna say."

A confrontation between the two mothers was set up in Season 9 even before Alpha abducted and then murdered Henry, whose decapitated head was later left on a spike and discovered by a horrified Carol who, months later, continues to be haunted by visions of that gruesome aftermath.

"I also want to tiptoe around this a little bit. I'll say that... it's interesting, from a writing perspective, we've definitely been delving into just the duality of these two characters and the way that they've had certain paths in life and diverged, in terms of kind of what their philosophy of the world is," added Kang.

"But they're both two incredibly powerful women, who just happen to be on opposite sides of this kind of epic struggle that is happening between our people and the Whisperers. So there's just some really cool stuff up ahead. I think Melissa is amazing, as is Samantha, so they are formidable forces to go up against each other."

During TWD's Hall H panel at Comic-Con, McBride said she was in the camp that wanted a Carol-versus-Alpha showdown.

"I feel the same way. I feel like there deserves to be one, Carol wants vengeance," McBride said.


"It's hard enough to try to survive in the world where everything in the world itself, the odds are against you, and you go from one day to the next trying to justify going one day to the next, and it's so hard. 'Why are you doing this?' Then you have a human being coming and making that all that much worse and taking things from you. I think there should be a showdown."

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with its Season 10 premiere Sunday, October 6.