The Walking Dead Takes Twists and Turns in "Really Brutal" Second Half of Season 10

The Walking Dead star Samantha Morton, whose Whisperer leader Alpha trapped rival Carol (Melissa McBride) and other heroes in a cave filled with her walker horde to end the midseason finale, teases the second half of the season gets "really brutal" as more twists and turns are revealed. The survivors — still reeling from Alpha's beheadings of Kingdom prince Henry (Matt Lintz), Enid (Katelyn Nacon), Tara (Alanna Masterson) and seven other victims in Season 9 — are now navigating the fallout caused by the shocking loss of Siddiq (Avi Nash), murdered by a Whisperer spy sent by Alpha. According to Morton, there are even more "incredible surprises" still ahead.

"I'm thrilled to be part of that world and it's not what you think there are always surprises. I can't give too much away, really," Morton told Metro. "I'm loving it. Really it's a dream part, part of a lifetime, I love being part of the AMC world, I'm loving working with everybody."

Morton can't reveal what's to come, but she did tease it's "really brutal."

"I think the thing I would say to the readers, is there are more twists and more turns, and even I was reading the scripts like, 'What? Oh my gosh, okay we're doing that today,'" she said. "But I was loving it."

Audiences last saw Alpha bait Carol into a trap, leaving Daryl (Norman Reedus), Jerry (Cooper Andrews), Connie (Lauren Ridloff), Kelly (Angel Theory), Magna (Nadia Hilker) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) in peril. Asked if there's a coming confrontation between Alpha and Carol, Morton said, "It's complicated, isn't it?"

"With Carol's history and Alpha doesn't really have a history," she added. "You get a bit in episode two where you have a flashback with Beta [in Season 10 episode 2], but I think Angela Kang our showrunner has some incredible surprises in store, we will just have to see."

The midseason premiere, airing on AMC in late February, will begin to answer burning questions raised by the front half of the season, with both Whisperer traitor Gamma (Thora Birch) and Alpha's disowned daughter Lydia (Cassady McClincy) — last seen entering into her mother's territory alone — having a major impact on the remainder of Season 10.


"I think this first half of the season, Alpha's kind of won. It's Alpha one, our group zero at this point," executive producer Denise Huth said on Talking Dead when previewing TWD Season 10B. "I think it'll be exciting coming back for the back half seeing how Lydia has run off on her own, we don't know where she is, Gamma has learned that Lydia is alive, how is she going to react to that situation? Our characters are trapped in a cave. There's a lot of question marks at the end of the midseason."

The Walking Dead Season 10 returns with new episodes Feb. 23 on AMC. For more TWD intel, follow the author @CameronBonomolo on Twitter.