The Walking Dead: Who is on Eugene's Radio?

The Walking Dead will introduce a new character in Sunday night's Episode 10x06 -- kind of. Now that Josh McDermitt's Eugene Porter has his radio system expanding its reach exponentially thanks to getting parts from a satellite which crashed out of the sky, he is getting in touch with someone new from somewhere new. In the preview for Sunday night's "Bonds" episode, Eugene is seen getting a transmission saying, "Hello?" which is on par with a story laid out in Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics. The TV series, however, might be putting a spin on the story laid out in the source material.

If the AMC zombie series is going to follow the story laid out in the comics outright, then the identity of this voice has already been revealed. In the comics, Eugene starts talking with a woman named Stephanie who eventually reveals that she is in a well-established community known as the Commonwealth and it is located in Ohio. Eventually, a group heads up to the Commonwealth and it ends up being the location where Kirkman elected to end the series entirely.

The Commonwealth seems like too easy of an answer for the location of the radio call to Eugene's location. The AMC series has teased its existence by introducing Georgie in Season 8, a character with a striking resemblance to Governor Pamela Milton. However, there is now known to be three communities similar to the comic book's Commonwealth, one of which will be explored in the upcoming third Walking Dead series. They each have ties to the community which Rick flew off to in the helicopter during Episode 9x05, jointly represented by the three-ring logo which stands for "CRM." What the "CRM" acronym stands for has not yet been revealed.

Stephanie's voice was first introduced in The Walking Dead comics issue #151. She physically appeared later in issue #176 when a group of Alexandrians arrived at the Commonwealth for the first time.

The voice on the radio will likely turn out to be Stephanie. The "C" in "CRM" may end up standing for "Commonwealth" but it seems there will be some sort of expansive twist on the Commonwealth story from the comics when it comes to the TV series.


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