The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Trolls Kevin Smith On Who Negan Killed

Since the season six finale of The Walking Dead, fans have been dying to know who Negan's victim was. Unfortunately, everyone involved with the series is great at keeping secrets.

For those who don't recall, the episode ended on a giant cliffhanger.

Negan, the nefarious villain, had almost every single one of the fan-favorite characters knelt down before him. He announced that he had to kill someone in the group, but he couldn't decided. Then began the Eenie-Meenie game from hell.

Just as Negan picked his victim, the camera turned away. We were able to hear the character's death, but have no idea who it was.

(Photo: AMC)

No matter where a Walking Dead cast or crew member appears, they are badgered with questions about who Negan killed. Rumours have flown about the victim's identity, but there has been no confirmation from producers.

In the latest episode of AMC's Geeking Out, Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg tried going straight to the source. With Robert Kirkman as the show's guest, the hosts asked him about the victim.

Without skipping a beat, Kirkman confidently answered:

"Michonne dies, killed by Negan."

Both men were completely taken back, and the set was silent. With words that cut like a knife, and an evil smirk, Kirkman announces that he was kidding.

Someone as important as Kirkman, the man who created The Walking Dead, would never just announce a detail like that. It was a very clever trick, however, and it had many fans thinking Michonne was no more.


The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 23 at 9pm ET on AMC.