What Did Rick See On 'The Walking Dead'?

With only one episode left in the first half of The Walking Dead's eighth season, Rick Grimes may have seen the first sign of the tides of war turning to conclude Episode 8x07.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead's Time for After follow!

Rick Grimes has had a plan throughout Season 8 of The Walking Dead. Those around him, however, have made plans of their own which might be ruining everything for Alexandria's cause and Rick has discovered as much heading into the final episode of 2017.

With the Sanctuary surrounded by walkers, the Saviors were forced to stay home and use the last of their resources until the herd disappeared. Daryl Dixon, however, wanted to get revenge immediately rather than wait two days for Rick's plan to fulfill itself. He plunged a garbage truck into the Sanctuary, allowing the walkers inside, but also allowing the Saviors to take them down and make an escape.

After finding the dead body of one of his sniper lookouts, Rick saw the Sanctuary's yard to be completely cleared of walkers. Instead, a path had been cleared where the Saviors made their escape. There was no gun shots anymore. There was nobody fighting for their lives. Instead, there was a sign that Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom were in major trouble as the Saviors are finally going to be able to strike back.


In The Walking Dead comics, Negan wreaks havoc on Alexandria with grenades, retaliating for Rick's attempted attacks on the Saviors. Such a moment may be on the horizon with Negan promising Eugene he would unleash a "storm of s---" on Rick and company during a conversation in Episode 8x07.

What Rick saw, was his plan being completely blown away by Daryl's actions. Daryl's choice to go rogue is ultimately going to cost Alexandrian lives if the Saviors are on their way to Alexandria, similar to how his actions cost Glenn his life in the Season 7 premiere.


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