Why 'Who's The Boss?' Was Significant On The Walking Dead

If you watched tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, you may have been startled by this episode's [...]

If you watched tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, you may have been startled by this episode's unorthodox opening scene. Instead of seeing zombies, death, or one of the character's we have become so used to, it began like a sitcom from the 80s.

Not just any sitcom, either. The first few seconds of The Walking Dead consisted of the exact opening credits scene from the classic hit comedy, Who's The Boss?

Starring Tony Danza, Who's The Boss? aired from 1984-1992. The series focused on a retired baseball player who became a live-in nanny, and it ran for 196 episodes.

As it turns out, Dwight was watching an old episode of the show on his television as The Walking Dead opened. This is why we saw some of the credits, and heard a majority of the song.

Why was Dwight watching Who's The Boss? Of all the shows he could have on VHS, why this one?

Most people have just decided it was coincidence. It's an old show, it's all they've got to watch, so it makes sense. That is definitely true, and that is exactly the point the producers were trying to get across.

At least, on the surface.

The show served it's purpose as a vehicle for the setbacks of technology, but it's much more than that. Who's The Boss? is the theme of Dwight and Negan's relationship throughout the entire comic series.

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We know Dwight has been abused by Negan, time and time again. That part of the story we saw in this episode was fairly true to the comics. Dwight has been knocked down a few pegs, and Negan put him in his place. Now, Dwight is seen as a humble servant.

This won't last very long.

In that opening montage, there was a moment where a group of men knelt as Negan walked by, Dwight included. All of the men stared at the ground while their leader proceeded past them. All, except Dwight.

He is questioning Negan's control over him, and this theme continues throughout the entire episode. His conversations with Gordon and Sherry both bring on his doubt of Negan's leadership. Watching the walkers on the spikes was extremely significant as well, as this made Dwight feel just as stuck as they were.

In the comics, Dwight takes this opportunity to overthrow Negan. He sneaks over to The Kingdom and pledges his allegiance to Rick and Ezekiel. When it comes time for war, Dwight's inside information is one of the only reasons Rick is ever able to win.

After the war, Rick chooses not to kill Negan. He puts him in prison, sentencing him to a life incarcerated. As for Dwight, Rick appoints him leader of The Sanctuary. When the two meet later on, Dwight is in charge.

The struggle of power is a main theme of Dwight's for his entire story arc in the comics, and it seems as though the show will follow suit. This makes Dwight's watching of Who's The Boss? much more significant than anyone initially thought.