'The Good Place': First Look at Ted Danson's Michael in Season 3

Ted Danson is apparently keeping his performance flexible on season 3 of The Good Place.

Danson plays Michael on the acclaimed theological sitcom. On Thursday, his co-star Jameela Jamil posted a photo of him from behind the scenes to celebrate his Emmy Award nomination. The photo gave fans their first glimpse at Michael in season 3, as well as a peek at Danson's remarkable range of motion.

(Photo: Instagram / Jameela Jamil)

"So Ted Danson just got nominated for an Emmy in @nbcthegoodplace," Jamil wrote, "and he has the flexibility of a prima ballerina? We stan a king. (This is essentially turning into a fan page for ted. Sorry guys.)"

The picture showed Danson with one leg splayed along a cabinet at waist height while the othe was planted firmly on the floor. He looked perfectly at ease in the unlikely posture, his arms crossed as he spoke on the phone. Fans flooded the comments with praise for Danson.

"Of course he has balletic [sic] prowess. Just think of all those years Ted spent on his toes at The Bar," one person joked, referring to Danson's long tenure on Cheers.

"I mean he is a national treasure, so it makes a lot of sense," added another.

"You all deserve emmys," one person proclaimed, addressing the entire cast of The Good Place. "Emmys for everyone!"

The Good Place has become a TV sensation in just two short seasons on NBC. It has taken viewers down a completely unpredictable path of twists and turns, always finding a way to provide the unexpected. Danson is a central part of that mystery and playfulness, and all signs point to him becoming even more important in the upcoming third season.


When the Emmy Awards announced this year's nominees last week, fans were ecstatic to see Danson get the nod for his work on The Good Place. He has walked a treacherous tight rope in his portrayal of Michael, many felt he was due some recognition. Overall, this is Danson's 13th Emmy nomination ever, though it is the first one he has gotten for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 25 years.

Meanwhile, Maya Rudolph also picked up a nomination for her guest arc on The Good Place. She played Judge Hydrogen -- or, Jen -- in the season's pivotal final episodes. Those are the only nods the show has gotten so far, though the way things are going it is destined to continue as a TV powerhouse for years to come.