'Happy!' Season 2 Trailer Released

SYFY has released a trailer for the upcoming second season of Happy!, coming in March.

You can check it out above.

In the trailer, Nick Sax is struggling to keep his life together after cleaning up his act following the events of Happy! season one. He still has Happy to keep him company, and while he has sworn off meaningless sex and wanton violence, the trauma of the show's first season still haunts everyone in his life.

You know what the book says: "We may be through with the past, but the past isn't through with us."

...We're just throwing that Magnolia reference in for a laugh. You know, Patton Oswalt was in that movie!

Anyhoo, Smoothie (Patrick Fischler) is back next season, and it seems like he has his sights set on Nick's daughter again.

What is arguably the most interesting element of the trailer is that after a season that used a kidnapper dressed as a filthy Santa Claus, Happy! is following up with a plot about a child-kidnapping ring trying to take over Easter.

That ties into the timing of the season; Happy! season 2 will debut on March 27, and April 21 is Easter this year.

The second-season pickup may have been a small surprise to some fans of the comic, which ran for only six issues, but writer Grant Morrison, who serves as a writer and producer on Happy!, had previously talked at length about expanding the world beyond the comics to accommodate a longer show.


“If you look at the first episode, the pilot I think is very close to the first issue of the comic,” Morrison told Comicbook.com last year. “But then, because we had eight episodes, I think we really had to expand out that world and build out mythology and add a whole buch of new characters. That’s what made it interesting; it’s not so much a one-to-one correspondence, but it managed to capture the mood and the energy and the feel of the comic. Especially in the first couple of episodes, there’s a lot of dark humor and a lot of violence and filthy energy; it’s very punk rock. As we go on, there are other elements that come in. It’s a Christmas story, so we got a bit of sentimentality and there’s performances in there that will make you cry. I think what we set out to do was really touch on a wide range of emotional stuff, which is quite different from the comic. That’s what made the two of them feel like different beasts even though they share a lot of the same points.”

Happy! will return to SYFY on March 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.