'Saved By The Bell' Stars Recreate Classic Photo 30 Years Later

It’s safe to say the first big meme of 2019 has been the 10-year challenge, which has led the people of the Internet to post photos of themselves from 2009 next to photos from 2019. Celebrities and social media users alike have jumped on the trend, and some have given it an extra special twist.

One of the most delightful comparisons was originally shared by Extra TV on Instagram. They took the challenge back a couple decades and showed Saved by the Bell stars, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris) and Mario Lopez (A.C. Slater), in 1989 and 2019.

“We see your #10YearChallenge, and we raise you this #30YearChallenge with #MarkPaulGosselaar and #MarioLopez! ? Mark-Paul stopped by to talk about his new show @thepassagefox!,” they wrote.

Both Lopez and Gosselaar were quick to repost the photo on their own accounts. Gosselaar used the same caption whereas Lopez mixed it up with the hashtags #30YearChallenge #QuickSelfie and #MysterySolved.

Lopez interviewed Gosselaar about The Passage, the new drama/action/fantasy/horror series from Fox. According to IMDB, the show follows a “young orphan girl” who might be the only person able to stop “a botched U.S. government experiment,” which has altered “a group of death row inmates into highly infectious vampires.”

The show is loosely based on a trilogy of novels by Justin Cronin. The books span over 1,000 years, so we’re definitely intrigued by where the series will take the story. So far, only the pilot has aired, and was met with fairly positive reactions.

During their interview/reunion, Lopez asked Gosselaar what question he gets asked the most from fans, and his response was adorable.

“Where’s Slater?,” he joked.

“As they should,” Lopez replied.

“I’ll be out with my wife and people will say, ‘oh man, does Kelly know?’”, Gosselaar added.

“Everybody thinks they’re clever,” Lopez quipped back.

The two also discussed how their families react to Saved by the Bell now. Apparently, Gosselaar’s wife grew up in a village in England and missed the phenomenon, which he prefers. When it comes to their kids, Lopez’s haven't watched the series, but Gosselaar’s have.

“They’re not impressed,” he shared.


Kids today clearly don’t appreciate high art!

The Passage airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.