1883: Yellowstone Prequel Series Trailer Released by Paramount+

The story of the Duttons is heading back to the Old West. After breaking cable records for three years now, Yellowstone is finally getting the franchise treatment. A prequel to the hit Paramount Network series is currently in the works for the Paramount+ streaming service, and it's showing the origins of the Dutton family in Montana. The series is called 1883 and the title says it all. Fans of Yellowstone have been enormously excited to see what this new series holds, and thanks to the debut of the first trailer, we finally have an idea.

1883's first trailer debuted on Sunday night during the Season 4 premiere of Yellowstone, giving everyone a glimpse at the original Duttons. You can take a look at the first footage in the video below!

1883 tells the story of James and Margaret Dutton as they make their way west to try and start a new life for themselves. The on-screen married couple is played by a couple of country music megastars who also happen to be married. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill star alongside one another as the migrating Duttons, allowing their real relationship to be a part of these new characters.

"To see my beautiful wife on horseback, firing guns, and having dirt all over her face, I just sit in awe," McGraw told EW in a recent interview. "She's a strong woman, anyway. [Co-creator] Taylor [Sheridan] said early on to me, 'Man, you'll just get on that horse. You're not scared of anything.' I said, 'I'm scared of one thing. She's right over there.'"

McGraw and Hill aren't the only major stars will significant roles in 1883. Billy Bob Thornton plays a U.S. Marshall named Jim Courtright in the series. Longtime western fans will be ecstatic to see Tombstone's Sam Elliott work alongside the Duttons throughout 1883. Elliott plays a wagon master and Civil War veteran named Shea Brennan, who assists the family in their journey out west. At the beginning of the show, Brennan deals with a pretty massive loss, and he will have to struggle with that as he helps lead the wagon train across the country.

Fans don't have to wait long to see what 1883 has in store. The series is set to premiere on Paramount+ on December 19th. In the meantime, new episodes of the flagship Yellowstone series will be airing on Paramount Network on Sunday nights.