24 Spinoffs Cancelled at FOX

Well, for fans of 24, it doesn't look like they'll be getting more thrilling adventures in the immediate future. FOX scrapped plans for a possible spinoff this week and FOX entertainment president Michael Thorn told TVLine about the scrapped plan for some 24 spinoffs. Fans could have seen a younger Jack Bauer in action, and that was in the early stages of being developed. Two ideas discussed in the piece revolve around the aforementioned youthful Bauer and a legal drama that focuses on a death row wrongful conviction case. It's hard to believe that it has been three years since 24:Legacy made its way to screens. Even with that gap, fans are hoping for more stories set in that world heading into this new decade. Whether that happens, remains to be seen. Sutherland is supposed to be starring in a remake of The Fugitive as was reported last year. At some point it would seem that FOX will revisit the property but remains unclear how they plan to tackle it after 24:Legacy.

"We had been circling two ideas for 24 spinoffs and those ideas are not moving forward," the exec explained. "But we're constantly looking at other opportunities to keep the title resonant, for us and the fans."

"It's one of the most important titles at our network, so whatever we do with it we want it to fell as relevant and as explosive as the original — and that's hard," Thorn continued. "We're all committed to finding another version of it, but only when it's right."

Kiefer Sutherland is asked about picking the role back up all the time. He told the BBC a couple of year ago that, "24 is definitely over now for me. It's one of the greatest gifts I've ever been given as an actor, but it's moving on without me, I want to do other things."

"I want to do more television," he continued. "My experience of 24 was unbelievable, but the main benefit was that it was nice to do something that people actually watched, and that they enjoyed. There are some movies I've made people might have enjoyed, but there were nine of them watching. And so 24 was so refreshing - the most significant thing was that it was accessible to a lot of people and to know they enjoyed it was so rewarding for me. I don't think there's a better medium than television out there at the moment. So think I want to do more of it and look for projects where I can repeat my experience."


Funny enough, with all of this nostalgia for Jack Bauer's adventures, 24 showrunner Howard Gordon told Variety that Kiefer Sutherland wanted his character to die a couple of years ago.

"Kiefer actually wanted Bauer to die, and we had many conversations about it...many of us, including his agent, tried to talk him out of it, but then there was an edict from very high up [within Fox] and Jack Bauer is still alive," Howard revealed.