Agents of SHIELD: Elizabeth Henstridge Talks Missing Out on Directing Iain De Caestecker, Reveals Future Projects

Last night's Agents of SHIELD was extra special! Not only did it feature an epic first kiss and a devastating death, but "As I Have Always Been" was also directed by series star, Elizabeth Henstridge (Jemma Simmons). Recently, had the chance to chat with Henstridge about her directorial debut, and she opened up about directing herself and her peers and revealed how she prepared for the job. While "As I Have Always Been" was easily one of the show's best episodes, there was one thing missing: Iain De Caestecker as Fitz. The actor has yet to show up this season and while fans expect to see him eventually (he's on the poster), there are only four episodes left of the series. While talking to Henstridge, we asked if she was bummed she didn't get to direct her onscreen husband.

"I mean, yeah I was kind of hoping, when I knew I was getting a later episode, I was kind of hoping that maybe I would get to direct him. But yeah, not this time. He's obviously amazing. One day I would love to work with him in any capacity," Henstridge shared.

"He's always been extremely supportive. We've both been interested in directing and it's kind of a passion that we both share," she added. "So, whenever I was shadowing and all those things, he was very supportive and so he was just like, 'Go for it, kill it.'"

While we certainly miss seeing FitzSimmions together onscreen, we're relieved that season seven has managed to be one of the series' best despite missing a key character like Fitz. In addition to talking about De Caestecker, Henstridge also talked about her future in directing.


"So when we wrapped, I directed a short film that I wrote that's kind of been in the pipeline for a bit. I'm developing into a feature and we have a writer on board and producers and stuff. And so then, yeah, the plan is for me to direct that. I just keep making my own stuff, direct some shorts. And I love the superhero genre. I love being a director of that and just all the cool, crazy things that you get to do in the stories you can tell through that level. So that's like a real focus for me director-wise at the moment."

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10 PM EST.