Batman: The Animated Series Sequel Reportedly In The Works For HBO Max

Following the announcement that Batman: The Animated series has finally shifted from the DC [...]

Following the announcement that Batman: The Animated series has finally shifted from the DC Universe platform and and onto HBO Max, it seems like the future of that classic cartoon could be very bright. Speaking on their latest episode of the Fatman Beyond Podcast, co-hosts Marc Bernardin and Kevin Smith brought the rumor to light with the former firmly labeling it as a rumor. "The rumor is that HBO Max is looking at making a Batman: The Animated Series sequel, that they want to continue that forward," Bernardin said as Smith covered what was very clearly a huge smile on his face.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Smith said with a twinkle in his eye. "I'm not involved, but I too have heard this and I've heard this from very reliable people. When I heard it I freaked out, and I heard this...I would say a month before you just said it. I think that's real, I don't think that's a rumor, I wouldn't say 'Set your watch to it,' but it's an idea whose time is not only coming, I think it came, and it's smoking a cigarette. I think that's gonna happen. How f***ing amazing would that be because you can just literally pick up and keep going. It's not like, oh we gotta explain why everyone's older, it's f***ing animation man so you can go right back to those amazing f***ing stories.

He continued, "That to me is no brainer, you've got HBO Max, you're already doing that amazing Harley Quinn show, you're printing money if you go back and do Batman: The Animated Series. You can't f**k up the legacy, that's for damn sure. You can't f**k it up, there's no reason not to do it, as long as you've got the key creative components, as long as Bruce Timm is involved, wants to be there. F***ing go for it for heaven's sakes."

Smith reiterated that once again he's not involved, he's busy working on Netflix's new He-Man animated series, and as such predicted that a revival of Batman: The Animated Series could happen as soon as 2022. No official word about this has been announced by WarnerMedia so check back here for more details as we learn them.

A sequel of sorts to Batman: The Animated Series has been on the publishing schedule at DC Comics in the form of Batman: The Adventures Continues. The series, written by Burnett and Dini with artwork by Ty Templeton, has introduced characters to the mythology that were previously not seen in the cartoon including DC staples like Deathstroke and Azrael.