Better Call Saul Set Decorator Reveals How They Recreated Iconic Breaking Bad Set

There are only two episodes left of Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spin-off that was recently nominated for multiple Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama Series. The latest episode of the series was titled "Breaking Bad" and featured some major excitement for fans of the first series. Warning: Better Call Saul Spoilers Ahead! Fans have been eager to see Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) show up before the final episode, and folks finally got their wish this week. The episode featured multiple flashbacks to the Breaking Bad era, including the early moment in Saul's relationship with Walt and Jesse when they kidnap him. The scene show's the aftermath of the kidnapping once the trio comes to an understanding, and they spend some time in the iconic Breaking Bad RV. During a recent chat with Variety, Better Call Saul's set decorator, Ashley Marsh, explained how they recreated the iconic set. 

Marsh revealed that the original "Krystal Ship" was being stored on the Sony lot. Unfortunately, the RV was "completely gutted on the inside." In order to recreate the inside of the vehicle, March "religiously rewatched Breaking Bad" and took "8,000 screen grabs." Marsh explained, "We had to go back and buy everything ... We literally just stared at photos until we figured out what these items were." 

Back when Breaking Bad was being filmed, the production used two RVs, one that was fully functional for the exterior and driving shots, and another for shooting the interior. Marsh had to find the same model as the RV used for exterior shots, which was a 1986 Bounder. She needed to find seats, lights, a mini-fridge door, and window coverings. She eventually found what she was looking for through Frank Sandoval, who runs a Breaking Bad RV tour company in Albuquerque. 

"We had to be hyperaware of how right this needed to be," Marsh explained. "I'm a nerd," she added. "Part of why I really love going back and recreating sets is you can really dive in and get excited about things that most people would find boring. It's like playing a big game of iSpy, but on a professional level."

As for the final two episodes of Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk recently paid a visit to The View and teased that the Breaking Bad duo will appear in more scenes before the show is over.


"The truth is, it was just the start. There's more of them," Odenkirk said of Cranston and Paul's characters. "And the scenes that come up are powerful. I love that everybody thinks they're going to show up [once], then they see them, they go, 'We saw them again!' I'm like, 'You never know what's going to come next time.'" Odenkirk added: "Don't be so sure you've seen the last [of them].' I'm telling you, you haven't." 

"Waterworks" airs on August 8, followed by "Saul Gone," the series finale of Better Call Saul, on August 15.