Blue's Clues Reboot Reveals Premiere Date and Return of Original Hosts, Steve and Joe

Blue's Clues is coming back to the small screen, and fans are eager to see the series' new era. Long after Joe exited the show, the iconic Nickelodeon title is ready to welcome a new host, but he will not be alone! As it turns out, Steve and Joe will help guide Blue's new friend along as he learns the ropes.

Today, Nick Jr. put out a brand-new clip of the Blue's Clues reboot. The series, which is titled Blue's Clues & You, is set to debut this November. As you can see above, this new clip follows Blue as the famous pup makes a request, but the new host Josh has trouble figuring out what's going on.

The clip begins with Josh telling fans he's unsure of what Blue wants with their snack, but he doesn't get too upset. He pulls out his handy dandy notebook which has gotten a big upgrade. Now, the book is part paper and part phone, so Joe takes a second to ring up some familiar faces.

First, Joe calls up Josh who is working at a present store. The pair talk for a moment before Steve is added to the call. The original host is working at the Blueprints Detective Agency where finding clues is what he does. As the pair all talk about Blue, Steve and Joe decide to chat with Blue directly, and they solve the mystery.

As it turns out, there is only one thing to do. Blue wants to play Blue's Clues, but the pair do one last thing before hanging up. Steve asks to talk to the viewers for a second, and he asks everyone to help Josh.

"Will you help my cousin Josh? Great because I can tell he's going to need a lot of help like I did," Steve says.


For those looking forward to this new chapter of Blue's Clues, it will begin soon enough. Blue's Clues & You will premiere on Nickelodeon on Monday, November 11. Steve and Joe will appear in the premiere to help the new host Josh warm up to Blue, and then the interactive kid's show will carry on from there.

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