Blue's Clues Gets a New Look in First Trailer for Nickelodeon Reboot

So many kids grew up helping Steve and Blue solve household mysteries every afternoon with the [...]

So many kids grew up helping Steve and Blue solve household mysteries every afternoon with the beloved series Blue's Clues. Now, Nickelodeon is aiming to bring it back for a new generation, giving the series a new name, face, and animation style. The brand new take on the series is called Blue's Clues & You, and it arrives on the network this November.

Talking about it isn't too much fun, though, so check out the first look teaser trailer for the show. Nickelodeon released the first look at Blue's Clues & You online, and you can watch it in full in the video above!

Blue's Clues & You features an all-new host named Josh, who is bringing an incredible amount of energy and excitement to the reboot. He's also delivering on the song and dance numbers that made the hosts of the past so popular, though his style seems to be a bit different. He's also bringing back classic characters like Magenta, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and more.

Of course, Blue is back once again, but the titular character has a very different look this time around. Instead of the craft-like animation style that made Blue look as if she was cut out of cloth, this new take features an entirely CGI version of the character. This gives Blue a lot more ability to move, jump, and play across the entire screen, as well as giving her a lot of facial expressions that weren't previously possible. A lot of the things holding Blue back have now been removed, allowing a freedom for the character that we haven't seen before.

The only downside to this first look teaser is the release date itself. This looks to be a great adaptation of a classic kids program designed for a new generation, it's just unfortunate that the new generation won't be able to see it until November.

What do you think of Blue's Clues & You? Are you excited for the reboot to arrive? Let us know in the comments!