New Catbug Animated Series in Development

Fans of the animated series Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors should get excited: Frederator Studios, which is part of part of WOW! Unlimited Media, is working on a new series based on Catbug, the adorable little critter that's a combination of the two things in its name that featured in the latter series. While some have reported that Pendleton Ward, creator of both aforementioned franchises, is also the creator of the new series, we've confirmed with Frederator Studios that development on the Bravest Warriors spinoff title is instead being led by Kelsey Calaitges, Nikki Price, and Carrie Miller.

The character of Catbug was created by Breehn Burns for the Bravest Warriors show while he was showrunner, but has taken on a life of its own on social media over the years thanks to being imminently quotable and cute. It'll only take a moment of experiencing Catbug to understand why.

"The virality of the character really proves that Catbug has more than nine lives," Fred Seibert, CEO, Frederator and Chief Creative Officer, WOW!, says. "His fans have grown substantially since his debut in Bravest Warriors to become a true meme of internet culture, spurring parodies and references to his quirky lines from the show. We are thrilled to use this as an opportunity to bring more life and longevity to the character, and meet fans interest and demand for more ways to experience Catbug."

You can check out a clip of Catbug in action from the Bravest Warriors show below:

Frederator appears to be is in the process of shopping the as-of-yet untitled Catbug show around to various potential outlets, streaming and otherwise, along with a plan to support the show with other odds and ends like web comics, short-form content, and ebooks. Between 13 and 20 new episodes are currently in development, with a target audience across kids, tweens, and teens. While the title is not currently known, it is known that "Catbug" will feature in it -- which makes sense.

Here's how Frederator Studios describes Bravest Warriors on its official website:

"Chris, Beth, Wallow, and Danny are four teenaged heroes-for-hire who warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds using the power of emotions. There's intergalactic battles for attention and affection; love that spans space, time, and reason; and proof that adventure takes on many, often weird, forms."

The untitled Catbug show, should it become a reality, is expected to be an animated series of some kind with support in the form of web comics and other short-form content. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Pendleton Ward right here.