Cobie Smulders Performs New Quarantine Version of "Let's Go to the Mall"

One of the silver linings of the quarantine has been watching actors recreate some of their most [...]

One of the silver linings of the quarantine has been watching actors recreate some of their most iconic characters. From Michael Madsen channeling Reservoir Dogs' Mr. Blonde to Sarah Michelle Gellar rocking an iconic Buffy costume, there's been a lot of nice nostalgia gracing the Internet lately. Yesterday, Cobie Smulders, the actor best known to our readers for playing Maria Hill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, decided to revisit her How I Met Your Mother character Robin Scherbatsky's alter ego Robin Sparkles. Her character's days as a Canadian pop star led to the classic hit "Let's Go to the Mall," but Smulders recently altered the jam to fit the quarantine.

"Let's All Stay at Home. Welp. Here it is. I hope it takes your mind off some things. It certainly did for me! A huge thank you to Craig Thomas and Carter Bays for the new lyrics. And to Brian Kim, who helped compose many of our songs. He wrote this new piano version and then rewrote it when it was too challenging for me. It was a wonderful journey down memory lane. If you are able and willing please donate to the following charities. There are links in my Stories @savethechildren @canadahelps
@dailybreadTO," Smulders wrote. Some new lines in the song include "Keep on those jelly bracelets / And that cool graffiti coat / 'Cuz the mall is in our hearts, that's what it's all about." She also sings, "I have to go do Zoom school soon, at least until we're all immune / But that's just fine, I'm gonna follow COVID guidelines." You can watch the wonderful new version of the song below:

Last year, Smulders was doing press for the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, and revealed she would gladly reprise her role as Maria Hill for as many MCU films as possible, even if she's unaware of her character's trajectory. "I would love to!" she told The Hollywood Reporter when joking about her playing the role for the rest of her life. "I love being a part of the world of Marvel. It's a magical, wonderful place filled with only nice, caring, considerate, creative people. Every time I get a call to work with them, I'm always excited. I have no idea what is in store for the Marvel universe and Maria's role in it, but I'm ready."

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