Colman Domingo’s Victor Strand Shows Off New Look in Fear the Walking Dead Season 7

Colman Domingo's Victor Strand is a sharp-dressed man in Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead. In the [...]

Colman Domingo's Victor Strand is a sharp-dressed man in Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead. In the fallout of the nuclear zombie apocalypse, hunkered down survivors risk radiation exposure if they step out in anything less than a hazmat suit or full-face respirators (expects lots of gas masks when The Walking Dead spin-off returns on October 17). But cunning conman Strand, who will double down on the worst parts of himself in Season 7, is holed up in a high-rise building with the many treasures collected by historian Howard (Omid Abtahi) — and it's there that Strand will rebuild civilization in his image.

A new teaser trailer reveals Strand's updated look in Season 7, where Strand rises from the ashes and the rubble of a bomb-blasted Texas to become the "ultimate version" of himself.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Colman Domingo Victor Strand
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"We made a decision towards the end of Season 6 to grow his beard back because I think he trimmed up in the middle of Season 6 ... or even late [Season] 5, because he was becoming a bit more open, you were able to see his face. Now Victor does not want you to see his face," Domingo said about Strand's scruffier Season 6 look on Talking Dead. "He wants to be a bit more hidden, with all the hair and stuff growing out to cover up a bit. We're also investigating with Season 7 for him to have a bit more finesse and polish because that's going to be the ultimate version of Victor."

Showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg teased Season 7 would have its nuclear apocalypse survivors wearing "really cool-designed garb accouterment to reflect this new reality," and then there's Strand: dressed up to the nines to reflect his new status.

"I hope that Strand has found a really good wardrobe, and I think that he has," said Domingo. "Strand is always very concerned about outward appearances, and I think that this new version of Strand, he's going to say, 'Meet me here.' That's what I'm looking forward to [in Season 7], and great storytelling."

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