Deadliest Catch Stars Share PSA Encouraging Fans to Wear Masks

With coronavirus vaccines beginning to be distributed across the globe, it's easy for some to minimize the dangers the pandemic poses, but the cast of Discovery's Deadliest Catch recently released a PSA reminding fans that the best way to slow the spread is still to wear a mask. The stars of the series might not necessarily be experts when it comes to infectious diseases, as they've enlisted the help of an authority on the matter to detail the benefits of mask-wearing, but as any fans of the TV show can tell you, a top priority on the ocean is to protect not only yourself, but your entire crew. Check out the Deadliest Catch PSA above before Season 17 of the series returns this spring.

Per press release, "Being a ship captain means being prepared for just about anything – even a global pandemic. The CDC partnered with Discovery for a PSA featuring the stars of Deadliest Catch, which remains one of cable’s highest-rated series and will return this spring for its landmark 17th season on Discovery and discovery+. The spot, which was shot in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, with Captains Sig Hansen and Josh Harris, encourages the importance of wearing a mask as they take on one of the world’s most deadly jobs."

As seen throughout the history of Deadliest Catch, the bond formed between members of the crew are as close as a family's, with the nature of the job also resulting in parents teaching their children to take over the reins of powerful vessels. The previous season saw Hansen teaching his daughter Mandy to follow in his footsteps.

"I couldn't be more proud of her," Sig previously detailed to "Everybody has a first time for everything, and I expected her to fail. I expected problems, but what it did for me was make me realize that's what my father did for me."

Deadliest Catch is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Productions, a Fremantle company. For Original Productions, Executive Producers are Jeff Hasler, Brian Lovett, Ernie Avila, Arom Starr-Paul, Thom Beers, and Co-Executive Producers Johnny Beechler and Geoff Miller. For Discovery Channel, Executive Producers are Joseph Boyle and Bill Howard with Coordinating Producer Cameron Doyle.


Stay tuned for details on the new season of Deadliest Catch. The previous 16 seasons of the series are available to stream on discovery+.

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