Disney+ Desperately Needs to Add This Popular Netflix Feature

There are a lot of great things about Disney+. Sure, there have been quite a few bugs and glitches facing the new streaming service over the course of its first week but there are still plenty of things to love about Disney+ so far. The lineup of beloved movies is second to none, there's no limit to the amount of content that can be downloaded, The Mandalorian has already cemented itself as a hit, and the whole service costs less than $7 each month. Disney+ has been well worth the money for most people, though there is one incredibly frustrating feature that the service needs to add if it plans to stand against the likes of Netflix.

Disney+ has one massive problem on its hands: The omission of the "Continue Watching" section. Nearly every streaming service has some sort of option for users to keep watching movies or shows that they're in the middle of, placing a list of these titles somewhere on the home page. Somehow, Disney+ is just missing that section altogether, and it makes binging more infuriating than enjoyable.

Let's say you're watching through The Simpsons, one of the biggest selling points for Disney+ at launch. The series is 30 seasons long. There's no way to know exactly which episode you were on when you turned it off to take a phone call or fell asleep on the couch. This is where the continue watching list is most convenient, as you simply jump in where you left off. It's usually made even easier by the fact that this list is one of the first things you encounter on other streaming services, allowing you to continue watching what you enjoy watching most without having to search for it again.

With Disney+, you have to manually search for every show or movie again if you stop watching it for any reason. You can add movies and shows to your Watchlist which does make them easier to find, but it's still an unnecessary process. If you do find the episode where you wish to continue, or the movie you were in the middle of, Disney+ will at least continue playback exactly where it stopped.

The most frustrating thing about this is that the continue watching lists seemed to be present on the service during its first couple of hours online. If you stayed up late to try out Disney+ last Monday night, there was a short window when it first arrived after midnight ET where everything seemed to work really well, likely because most people were waiting until the morning to download the app. During this short, bug-free period, the continue watching lists were present on some devices, though they mysteriously vanished when all of the bugs hit the next morning. This probably means that the feature is going to be on Disney+ permanently at some point, but there are still technical issues that need to be resolved.

Whether it's being worked on or not, Disney+ seriously needs its own version of the continue watching list. As more original shows are launched on the service in the coming year, the absence of the feature is only going to become more frustrating for users, so it's best to get it taken care of in the short term.


If you haven't checked out Disney+ yet and you want to give it a go, you can do that here.

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