Disney+ Introduces New Extended Free Trial

Since its launch on November 12th, Disney's exclusive streaming service, Disney+, has offered users a free trial that allows them to see if they enjoy the content library before actually putting any money down. Even though Disney+ isn't really expensive in the first place, costing just $6.99 each month or $69.99 for a year, the free trial gives you seven days of streaming without any actual commitment. Now, more than a month after its arrival, Disney+ is giving some prospective users the option of an even longer trial.

Disney has now partnered with Delta Airlines to give members of the SkyMiles loyalty program a 14 day free trial of Disney+. This will provide folks with two full weeks of the service before they have to determine whether or not they want to continue. If you want to take advantage of this trial but don't have Delta SkyMiles, you can sign up for the program pretty quickly.

There is one key detail about this trial worth noting: It's only a limited time offer. The extended free trial can be redeemed until January 31, 2020, and then it goes away. So if you want to take advantage of the opportunity, you'll have to do so within the next month and a half.

In order to redeem the trial, head over to DisneyPlus.com/Delta and sign up. Just know that you can't utilize the trial through Delta if you're already a Disney+ subscriber. If you are already signed up for Disney+, the only thing waiting for you on the other end of that link is a message that you've already redeemed your trial.

The deal with Delta is just one of the partnerships Disney+ has made with large companies since its launch. The biggest such deal is with Verizon, which gives customers with FiOS or an unlimited wireless plan a free year of Disney+. According to Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg, the deal has exceeded the company's expectations.

"It beat our expectations, even though we had high expectations," Vestberg said last week.


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