Disney+ Has More Subscribers After One Day Than Other Services Have Had Since They Launched

It took just one day for Disney+ to put up some really impressive numbers. The House of Mouse [...]

It took just one day for Disney+ to put up some really impressive numbers. The House of Mouse revealed that, 24 hours after its launch in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands, Disney+ had already amassed 10 million subscribers. The most optimistic projections suggest that Disney's new streaming service would hit around eight million subscribers at launch, so the first day numbers exceeded even the loftiest expectations. 10 millions is quite a lot of people, but how does that stack up against other streaming services?

This may or may not come as a surprise, depending on how you view the strength of Disney's library, but Disney+ has more subscribers after one day than some other streaming services have after years of operation. While Disney+ has a long way to go to compete with Netflix in terms of subscribers, it's already got a leg up on some of its other competitors.

Netflix has been around since 2007 and leads all streaming services with 158 million subscribers around the world, 60 million of those coming from the United States. Hulu, which also launched in 2007, has a substantially lower subscriber count, with 28.5 million (though it's worth noting that Disney also controls Hulu and offers a package with Disney+). Amazon Prime, which has often been considered the third leg of streaming's top tier, doesn't reveal its streaming numbers, but they're likely pretty high since one subscription also includes Prime's one-day shipping.

After those three, Disney+ is already taking over other services. HBO Now, the standalone service for those that don't have the HBO cable network, has eight million subscribers. The combination of CBS All Access and Showtime, which have been streaming since 2014, also have just eight million subscribers combined, a full two million less than the days-old Disney+.

The subscriber count for Disney+ will only grow as time goes on, even with the seven day free trial for new users expiring. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing any new numbers from the service for some time, as Disney has confirmed it won't be sharing new information until the next quarterly earnings call early next year.

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