Doctor Who Relaunch Plans Revealed by Big Finish

Big Finish has revealed new details about its upcoming Doctor Who relaunch. In 2020, Big Finish Productions announced it would end its long-running Doctor Who monthly audio range. The line concludes with an epic crossover featuring four classic Doctors. The company will then relaunch its Doctor Who line in 2022 with 12 new audio series, one for each of The Doctor's past television incarnations. Each series will then release one new installment per year, with releases staggered from January to December. Now Big Finish has revealed the first slate of releases for the classic Doctors, covering the First Doctor through the Eighth Doctor. The exact timing of each release, title announcements, further installments of the line, and cast and story details will come soon.

Notably, there's no news yet on the future adventures of the new Doctor Who Doctors. Christopher Eccleston recently returned as the Ninth Doctor, and fan-favorite Doctor Who star David Tennant has appeared in a series of Tenth Doctor Adventures (though Big Finish canceled his Torchwood crossover with John Barrowman). Here are the box sets Big Finish confirmed for release in 2022:

Big Finish Doctor Who 2022
(Photo: Big Finish Productions)
  • Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures – Title TBC
  • Doctor Who: The Second Doctor Adventures – Beyond War Games
  • Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures – Title TBC Vol 1 & Vol 2
  • Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures – Series 11 Vol 1 & Series 11 Vol 2
  • Doctor Who: The Fifth Doctor Adventures – Forty Volume 1 & Forty Volume 2
  • Doctor Who: The Sixth Doctor Adventures – Title TBC Vol 1 & Vol 2
  • Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor Adventures – Title TBC Vol 1 & Vol 2
  • Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor Adventures – Title TBC Vol 1 & Vol 2

Big Finish Creative Director Nicholas Briggs said in a press release, "This is a real opening up of our various Doctors' adventures – they all now have their own individual series, just as it should be! And for those listeners used to purchasing a yearly subscription of our old Monthly Adventures, this new bundle of box sets will give you the opportunity to order the whole year's stories in one go, while you can also order by specific Doctor. There are some great new adventures on the way too – I'm particularly excited by what we'll be doing with new First, Second and Third Doctor Adventures, aiming to make take them into brand new territory, while also giving them a fully era-authentic feel."


Big Finish senior producer David Richardson added, "It's been so exciting to see all of the plans and ideas that my colleagues have been circulating for this epic launch of the Doctor box sets in 2022. So exciting that the classic Doctors continue to forge ahead in thrilling new directions, and doing so with that fine balancing act of authenticity and originality. I've been busy working away on the new beginnings for the Fifth and Eighth Doctors, but I shall be listening with glee to savour what lies in store for the others. We all love Doctor Who at Big Finish. How wonderful that its glorious past continues to be assured a bright future!"

All the announced Doctor Who box sets are now available to pre-order from the Big Finish website. The most dedicated listeners can also pre-order the complete bundle, including all of the above releases. If you're looking to get caught up on the Doctor Who television series, check out our Doctor Who binge guide.