'Doctor Who': Watch the Debut of the Thirteenth Doctor

The time has finally come for the Twelfth Doctor to regenerate into the Thirteenth, and that moment has officially been released online.

BBC has released a clip of the final five minutes from the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017 episode "Twice Upon a Time," which has already finished airing in the United Kingdom and will air tonight in the United States. The scene shows the final moments of Peter Capaldi playing the Doctor before the debut of Jodie Whitaker.

Take a look above, but be warned that the clip contains SPOILERS if you're in the United States (and all also lots of strong feelings regardless of where you are).

Capaldi spends his last moments nearly breaking the fourth wall as he offers advice to the character of the Doctor while preparing to let him go. The advice is made up of many of the things that make the Doctor the hero so many fans love.

He then regenerates into the Whitaker's Thirteenth Doctor, making history as the first female Doctor in franchise history, and, as usual, the newly regenerated Doctor is a bit discombobulated and ends up falling on her face.

What happens next is something different. There is an explosion inside of the TARDIS that knocks the Doctor out of her blue box and sends her falling through the sky.

The Christmas Special ends on this cliffhanger, presumably setting up the show's eleventh season premiere. The explosion in the TARDIS also probably indicates that the TARDIS interior will be redesigned when the show returns.


The Doctor Who Christmas Special airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on BBC America.