Emilia Clarke Has One Deep Regret About Final Season of Game of Thrones

It has been over two weeks since the series finale of Game of Thrones aired, and some of the HBO series’ cast have been reflecting on their time with the iconic show. Emilia Clarke, the actor best known for playing Daenerys Targaryen, recently spoke with fellow actor, Regina Hall, for Variety's Actors on Actors interview. During their chat, Clarke reveled her biggest regret from the series, and no, it’s not her character’s turn to the dark side. According to the actor, her biggest regret is not stealing a souvenir from the set.

“How do you feel leaving that world behind? Leaving your dragons behind? Did you take anything from set?,” Hall asked.

“I didn’t take anything, and I deeply regret it, and I’m very annoyed. I’m really hoping that the showrunners give me a dragon. I need my smelly socks. I think I did take those,” Clarke replied.

Hopefully, the showrunners, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, read the interview and hook their star up with some sweet mementos.

Clarke also shared what it felt like to have such an important chapter of her life come to an end.

“Having it come to its completion feels utterly surreal. So much life has happened in the 10 years that I’ve been on the show. I’ve grown into a woman. I was 23. It’s been almost a year in post, and it’s taken me that long to come to terms with it. Where are my dragons? That famous line. Where the hell are they? It felt deeply emotional,” she explained.

You can check out the full interview here.

Clarke may have hung up her silver wig, but she still has plenty of projects for her fans to look forward to. This year, you can catch her in Last Christmas, Paul Feig’s upcoming romantic comedy that also stars Emma Thompson, Michelle Yeoh, and Henry Golding. Clarke will also be starring in Above Suspicion, a new crime thriller from Phillip Noyce. She’s also currently in development for films titled The Beauty Inside and Let Me Count the Ways.


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All eight seasons of Game of Thrones are currently streaming on HBO.