Family Guy Releases First Clip of Sam Elliott's New Mayor

The town of Quahog is getting a new mayor this weekend! Beloved actor Adam West played the mayor on Family Guy up until his death in 2017, and the long-running series is finally ready to introduce his replacement. It was announced earlier this year that Tombstone star and Mustache King Sam Elliott would be taking over as the mayor, playing a character literally named Wild Wild West. The cousin of the late Mayor Adam West, Wild Wild is a spitting image of Elliott in real life, and fans have been looking forward to his arrival.

This Sunday's episode of Family Guy will be the first featuring Elliott's new character, and FOX has released a clip of Wild Wild interacting with Peter to get folks excited for what's ahead. The clip sees Peter visiting West on his mustache farm, where he feeds and raises moustaches. You can check it out in the video above.

A new mayor needs to be elected in Quahog, and Peter doesn't believe in any of the candidates that are running, so he tracks down Wild Wild West and convinces him to enter the fray. According to Peter, Wild Wild is a "legendary cowboy and spokesperson for everything manly," which is exactly how many people would describe Sam Elliott.

When the casting was announced earlier this year, Family Guy executive producer Richard Appel spoke with EW about why Elliott was the choice to replace West, and what it took to get him on the show.

"Who could be as original and unexpected and comedically fun and fresh as Adam," said Appel. "Sam has a voice that — obviously he’s a movie star but he also has a voice made for radio, and Sam Elliot quickly became our first choice."


"He was reluctant," he added. "He just felt like he didn’t want to play himself. Which made us go back thinking, 'Well, all right, is there someone else?' And we thought, 'Wait a minute, that note is a smart note. Because that was more what Adam West was doing. And the new mayor shouldn’t be another real-world celebrity playing himself within our fictional world. So we kicked around a bunch of ideas and then said, 'What if we refashion this as Wild West for Sam Elliott and create this new character?' And he responded very well to that idea."

The new episode of Family Guy airs on Sunday night at 9:30 pm ET on FOX.