Final Space Season Three Trailer and Release Date Revealed, HBO Max Streaming Date Released

At last, fans will soon be able to see what Gary Godspeed (Olan Rogers) and company have to do in [...]

At last, fans will soon be able to see what Gary Godspeed (Olan Rogers) and company have to do in order to rescue Quinn (Tika Sumpter) and get out of Final Space. The hit Adult Swim show released the official trailer for its third season Tuesday morning, dropping a surprise release date in the midst of the action-packed teaser. According to the new Final Space trailer, Season Three of the series will debut on March 20th on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

The trailer the programming block shared on YouTube suggests the season will debut in the Saturday night timeslot at 10:30 p.m. Eastern. You can catch the full two-minute trailer above.

On top of everything else, the trailer also includes a tag at the end straight from the team at HBO Max. While Final Space Season Three is still airing first on Adult Swim, the first two seasons of the animated series are already on their way to the streaming platform. All 23 episodes in Final Space Seasons One and Two will be available to stream on HBO Max beginning March 1st.

As evidenced by the trailer, this series is taking a much darker tone this time around than the comedy-fueled seasons that have come prior.

"I think tonally this season is much dramatic but surprisingly funnier as well because the stakes are so high," Rogers told us last December. "Last season kind of felt like a treasure hunt of sorts across a galaxy. This season is all about survival from an expanse of space filled with dangers."

The writer/voice actor confirmed this season will also feature two separate antagonists — Invictus, the Titan Final Space fans were first introduced to in Season Two, and David Tennant's Lord Commander.

"This is also a juggling act," Rogers added. "I always say, Invictus is a universe threat, Lord Commander is a Team Squad threat. Both are dangerous. We're hoping we juggled it the right way and that it will be surprising as it is thrilling."