Final Space Season 3 First Look Released (Exclusive)

In a matter of months, Final Space will be back on television with its third season. To celebrate, [...]

In a matter of months, Final Space will be back on television with its third season. To celebrate, has an exclusive first look teaser at the show's third outing, featuring the return of Gary Godspeed (Olan Rogers), Avocato (Coty Galloway), Bolo (Keith David), and the rest of Team Squad from the hit Adult Swim show.

With the team now having made their way to the eponymous Final Space, Season Three is shaping up to be the show's most dramatic yet as it weaves through the lore of the Titans on the chokehold Invictus has on them. You can see the teaser in its entirety above.

"I think tonally this season is much dramatic but surprisingly funnier as well because the stakes are so high," Rogers tells "Last season kind of felt like a treasure hunt of sorts across a galaxy. This season is all about survival from an expanse of space filled with dangers."

As unveiled in the teaser, David Tennant's Lord Commander has also returned in a more prominent role this season, seemingly back to his original form before his soul was ripped away by Invictus.

"This is also a juggling act," Rogers adds of balancing two antagonists. "I always say, Invictus is a universe threat, Lord Commander is a Team Squad threat. Both are dangerous. We're hoping we juggled it the right way and that it will be surprising as it is thrilling."

We've yet to see when exactly the third season of Final Space will hit the airwaves, but Rogers says fans can plan for plenty of surprises and a massive cinematic event.

If the writer gets his way, Final Space is just about half done. When we spoke last year, Rogers suggested he had around six seasons of story ideas for Godspeed and crew.

"Yeah, I think it's around there. Like it's a solid six seasons of ideas," he said at the time. "I know we have pretty much a solid Season Three thought out but whatever happens with that, I don't know. Hopefully, it manifests but I think it's really kind of around that sixth season mark where it's like this would be a good ending spot, but if we want to stretch it, we could."