Funko Launches Bran the Broken and Daenerys on Fiery Drogon Game of Thrones Pop Figures


Funko has been steadily releasing Pop figures from the final season of Game of Thrones, but the latest figures touch on the two most important events from Season 8 and the series as a whole. That having been said, if you aren't caught up you should turn away now.

The new Game of Thrones Pop figures include Daenerys riding a fiery Drogon as she decimates King's Landing - the event that ultimately lead to her demise at the hands of Jon Snow. The second figure is of Bran Stark aka King Bran the Broken aka the new ruler of the Six Kindgoms. The Daenerys on Drogon Pop Rides figure is available to pre-order here. The Bran the Broken Pop figure is available to pre-order here. Both are slated for shipment in October.

Funko is also releasing two exclusives in this wave - a glow-in-the-dark variant of the crystal Night King Pop from the Battle of Winterfell which should be available to order via the HBO Shop soon. A masked variant of the 6-inch Pop of the Mountain will also be available at Walmart in the near future.


Other releases in Funko's GoT Season 8 lineup include Theon Greyjoy in Bran Stark protect mode and an appropriately super-sized 6-inch unmasked The Mountain Pop.

We don't know if Theon Greyjoy is really worthy of "a good man" status given his treacherous past, but most fans would probably agree that the Cleganebowl was a high point for the final season. You can pre-order the Mountain Pop right here with shipping slated for October. The Theon Pop figure is available here with the same shipping window.


Two Pop figures from the Battle of Winterfell episode entitled The Long Night are also available to pre-order. More specifically, the Pop figures figures are based on the climatic confrontation in the episode between Arya and the Night King. You can pre-order Arya with her spear Pop here and the standard crystal Night King Pop with a dagger in his chest here with shipping slated for October.


Finally, The Long Night episode also included some intense battle scenes between The Night King and his dragon Viserion, Daenerys and Drogon, and Jon Snow and Rhaegal. Now you can recreate those battles with Pop figures, because Funko has released the Jon Snow with Rhaegal Pop Ride - completing their dragon set.


You can pre-order the Jon Snow with Rhaegal Pop Rides figure on Entertainment Earth or via Amazon. The Daenerys with Drogon and The Night King with Viserion figures are both available to order here. In addition to the Pop Rides figure, Funko also released a new standalone, battle-ready Jon Snow figure that can be pre-ordered here with shipping slated for November.

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