Funko's New Saturday Night Live Pop Lineup Includes THOSE Characters


Something tells me that these Saturday Night Live figures are going to be the big hit of today's ridiculously huge wave of Funko releases. Specifically, a certain gift-giving duo. You know which one's I'm talking about. You can pre-order them here while supplies last. They could sell out in pre-order, so secure yours while you can.

If only they were available for this past Valentine's Day! They would have made the perfect gift. Not even the sexy Ian Malcolm figure can compete. no wait, that's not true - Jeff Goldblum is irresistible.

In addition to the ahem…Dick in a Box guys, new additions to the SNL Funko lineup include New York guide Stefon and "more cowbell" Gene Frenkle. A David S. Pumpkins with skeletons 3-Pack will be available on Funko Shop later this year - though you can order the standalone David S. Pumpkins figure right now.

As previously noted, today is one of the biggest days ever for Funko releases thanks to Toy Fair. Other big Funko releases today include a whole bunch of Disney figures, new figures from Stephen King's IT, and even a Mr. Rogers Pop. There's a lot more where this came from however, so head on over to our master list to keep tabs on all of the pre-orders as they become available.


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