Game of Thrones Animated Series in the Works for HBO Max

The latest rumored Game of Thrones spinoff is said to be an animated series for HBO Max. The [...]

The latest rumored Game of Thrones spinoff is said to be an animated series for HBO Max. The project, much like the internet-breaking Harry Potter/Wizarding World show that leaked this week, is in the early stages of development with no concrete talent or concept attached. Since it is also one of a number of projects tied to Game of Thrones, it's possible that it might not happen at all, and/or that concepts from one end up being folded into another. The series would reportedly skew adult, and be similar in tone to the show that led HBO to massive ratings success in recent years.

The Hollywood Reporter, who broke the news, reached out to HBO Max for comment, but the streamer declined. They cite multiple sources who have confirmed development on the project.

There have been a number of attempts to expand the world of George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones, although at this point none have seen the light of day. The latest spinoff to be greenlit is House of the Dragon, starring Olivia Cooke, Emma D'Arcy and Matt Smith. House of the Dragon was ordered straight to series in the months before the pandemic and will head into production in the spring.

Following Netflix's example of bolstering a curated back catalogue with original content that builds on their brands, newer streaming services are preparing to barrage the TV market with IP-driven TV. Disney has dozens of Marvel and Star Wars shows currently in development, while HBO Max is leaning into DC, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones. CBS All Access, soon to be Paramount+, has Star Trek and The Godfather projects coming up (although the Godfather project is about the existing movies, not a new story set in that world). HBO Max is also looking at a return to the world of Sex and the City, the second time Warners has tapped that well since the original series ended. Previously, a teen-focused prequel called The Carrie Diaries ran for two seasons on The CW.

It seems as though Game of Thrones could be positioned as HBO Max's answer to Disney+'s Star Wars, with various different perspectives being explored in an interconnected web of barely-related series. Among them, a live-action Dunk and Egg series is reported to be in development, one of the projects most frequently called for by fans when the prospect of a spinoff comes up.