HBO Releases New 'Game of Thrones' Preview Ahead of Episode 2 Premiere

HBO just released a brand new trailer for Game of Thrones, teasing all of the action that fans can expect in the second episode of the final season. With all of the major players like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa and Arya Stark, and Jaime and Tyrion Lannister appearing, fans can expect a major episode with lasting repercussions for Winterfell. Take a look in the clip above.

This promises to be another slower episode with less action sequences, but that doesn't mean it will be any less intense. Fans of Game of Thrones understand that the show is about the political and family drama as much as it is the bloodshed, and with Jaime Lannister on trial for his crimes, we are eager to find out what's next.

The previous episode ended with a major cliffhanger as Jon Snow found out the truth about his mother and his real father. The King in the North is not actually a bastard, but the true heir to the Iron Throne. So will he actually tell his new love (and aunt) Daenerys about this revelation? And how will she react if he does?

“If Jon could go back in time and say: ‘Whatever you’re about to say, don’t tell me,’ he would. He’d happily be in ignorance,” Jon Snow actor Kit Harington said to EW after the premiere.

“He’s not hard to predict, Jon, he doesn’t do many unexpected things. You mark the particularly tricky scenes that you’re going have to concentrate on and this was one. He finds out such a massive piece of information. Not only does he find out who his mother is but also that he’s related to the person he’s in love with. It’s hard for any actor to play. It’s not a two-hour movie but eight seasons of playing a character who’s finding out.”

We also know that the Night King is bearing down on Westeros, and that a major battle will be had in Winterfell very soon. Is the alliance in the North ready for the Army of the Dead? We'll find out when Game of Thrones continues its final season tonight on HBO.



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