Did 'Game of Thrones' Reveal the Night King's Identity?

The Night King debuted early on in Game of Thrones, teasing audiences watching the HBO series that [...]

The Night King debuted early on in Game of Thrones, teasing audiences watching the HBO series that there were a number of unexplained and supernatural elements unfolding in the fantasy series. As the show has progressed, the narrative has leaned into the "Winter is Coming" tagline, giving the monstrous figure and his undead army more prominence in Westeros. As the narrative continues to deliver shocking reveals, fans are beginning to ponder the true identity of the terrifying villain. Thanks to last night's final season premiere, it's possible that the series has set the stage for a not-so-surprising reveal regarding the Night King's identity.

WARNING: Spoilers below for Game of Thrones

During last night's season premiere, fans saw a young boy who was seemingly "killed" by the White Walkers, as his body was discovered in the middle of a spiral symbol that was comprised of various limbs and extremities. When the boy sprung to life, confirming he had become a member of the undead, the entire macabre display was ignited in flames by a torch. Some fans are theorizing that the specifics of the symbol, which we have seen before in the series, could confirm that the Night King was formerly a Targaryen.

The above fan compiled images from the various times the White Walkers have created the symbol, while including an image of the Targaryen sigil, highlighting the similarities between the design. All fans currently know is that there is an aesthetic similarity between the two designs, with the Night King possibly modifying his original house's sigil, but the similarities are quite distinct.

This isn't the only clue that ties to the Night King being a Targaryen, as last season saw the villain riding a dragon which he had turned into another member of his horde. It is said that only Targaryens are able to ride dragons, as both Danaerys Targaryen and Jon Snow reminded us in the final season premiere, with this detail possibly corroborating the notion that the Night King is a former member of House Targaryen.

With only five more episodes of the series to go, we're likely to learn more answers about the Night King's identity. Catch new episodes of the series on Sunday nights on HBO at 9 p.m. ET.

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