New 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Poster Features a Dragon Iron Throne

HBO has debuted a new poster for Game of Thrones Season Eight, and it is a piece of imagery that [...]

HBO has debuted a new poster for Game of Thrones Season Eight, and it is a piece of imagery that is sure to get fans hyped! In a nice little twist on two of Game of Thrones' biggest and most celebrated elements, we see a familiar depiction of the Iron Throne of Westeros, only this time, two fiery eyes reveal this particular Iron Throne is also the head of a deadly dragon!

No doubt it's an image that will get die-hard Game of Thrones fans buzzing with speculation of what (if anything) this could mean -- you can check out the poster below, and share your theory in the comments!

Game of Thrones Season 8 Posters

Right now Game of Thrones' final season is in heavy contention with Marvel's Avengers: Endgame for the title of the most anticipated pop-culture media event of the spring/summer seasons. Like with Endgame, the final chapters of George R.R. Martin's saga of Westeros have sparked an endless stream of fan theories about what will happen, and what kinds of surprise twists and reveals we may be in for.

Moreover, Game of Thornes' final run is such a major cultural fixation that there's an entire numbers game at work around it, as various parties try to calculate probability odds for which characters may end up sitting on the Iron Throne, and which characters are most likely to end up on the wrong end of a sword, axe, ice pick, or dragon flame. You can get the full rundown of those odds here, but for the quick overview of who is most likely to rule, and most likely to die.

Here are the top 10 picks for who will sit on the Iron Throne, according to Betvictor, and the probability of his/her likely ascension:

  1. Bran Stark (50%)
  2. Jon Snow (20%)
  3. Daenerys Targaryen (20%)
  4. The Night King (9%)
  5. The Children of the Forest (9%)
  6. Tyrion Lannister (9%)
  7. Cersei Lannister (8%)
  8. Sansa Stark (8%)
  9. Arya Stark (7%)
  10. Gendry (6%)

On the other hand, here are the top 10 characters predicted to die in the final season, according to Betvictor, along with the implied probability of their demise:

  1. Euron Greyjoy (98%)
  2. Cersei Lannister (96%)
  3. Jaime Lannister (92%)
  4. Jorah Mormont (88%)
  5. Lord Varys (86%)
  6. Melisandre (82%)
  7. Beric Dondarrion (75%)
  8. Daenerys Targaryen (75%)
  9. The Hound (71%)
  10. Theon Greyjoy (69%)

The most interesting detail is seeing both The Night King and Children of the Forest so high up on the list of potential rulers. It suggests that Game of Thrones may not crown any expected "winner" within the set of flawed human characters that drive the show; instead, humanity (the Andals) could end up causing their own downfall, returning the lands of Westeros to control of mythical creatures like the Children, White Walkers, and Dragons.

If that's the case, maybe this new poster is saying more than it initially seems...

Game of Thrones Season Eight debuts on April 14th.