Ghosts Co-Creator Teases New Characters Debuting in Season 2

CBS's hit sitcom Ghosts will continue to roll out new ghosts -- even though series co-creator Joe Wiseman admits that as time goes on, it gets harder and harder to rationalize creating new ghosts to live in the house with Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar). Since the ghosts can't leave the house, that puts a limit on the number of characters that can be introduced, and some of the situations they can get into -- but Wiseman says they are already breaking stories that will shake that up a little bit.

It is not just the ghosts in her own house that Sam can see and interact with, after all: she sees them everywhere. That's not as convenient as having a character right in the house, but Wiseman told TVLine that Sam could meet ghosts from outside of the house, who had ties to the ghosts of the property during their lives.

"At some point it starts to strain credulity" to bring in more ghosts, Wiseman said, although maintaining that "It's a big property, it's a big house... and we have thought of creative, fun ways to bring ghosts into the property." 

That phrasing makes it sound like maybe some external ghosts could be brought into the fold -- although with a cast as big as this one already is, that seems like a challenge unto itself. Either way, the ghost world will continue to assert itself in new ways.

"There are ghosts wherever Sam goes, so I think we're going to meet some of the ghosts on neighboring properties that might have surprising connections to our ghosts, and we can get stories that way," Wiseman said.

Ghosts, a remake of a British comedy of the same name, turned out to be the biggest new sitcom of last year's TV season. Starring iZombie's Rose McIver as a young woman who is able to see the ghosts in the sprawling manor she and her husband inherited, McIver joked about wanting to bring in more ghosts last year during an interview with

"It's the only show where I've found myself saying, 'Let's kill somebody on,'" McIver said. "We have a guest star that we particularly like, and we want them to stick around. So between that, and again, being able to explore leaving the property when that suits. But then even within the property, there are many, many surprises. Just to see them, we kind of discover that all is not what it seems. There is not injustice, this specific group of ghosts that we introduce as we go through the season. There's more within the property."