New 'Happy!' Trailer Makes A Bloody Escape

Do copious amounts of blood and gore make you… happy? Well, then Syfy has the holiday series for you!

Based on the hit comic book by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, Happy! is finally gearing up for its television debut. Check out the new clip from the show starring Christopher Meloni as a rough-and-tumble hitman and the voice of Patton Oswalt as his imaginary tormentor. Watch it above!

Syfy pushed back the release date for the series to December, but it's still coming in time to give you some violent escapist entertainment while spending way too much time with your annoying family.

When we spoke with the show's creators at San Diego Comic-Con this year, they made it clear the show would be a respectful adaptation of the comic book.

"My entire goal… is at the end of the day, we realize Grant's original vision," said showrunner Patrick Macmanus.

Set during Christmas, Grant Morrison wrote Happy! as the opposite of a feel-good holiday story. Teaming with frequent collaborator Darick Robertson, their story was published by Image Comics as a four-issue miniseries in 2012.

Morrison co-wrote the pilot's script alongside director Brian Taylor, who is an expert in over-the-top action with the Crank franchise. Meloni also serves as executive producer.

"It's kind a wild thing and kind of a cool thing that [Morrison] is on the Mount Rushmore of comic books," said Taylor. "I'm leaning into that and embracing that. We want to get as much of that weird brand of his on to the screen as possible."

Meloni stars as Nick Sax, a former corrupt cop who has since become an inept hitman. After botching his latest job and ending up in the hospital, Sax is stalked by an imaginary cartoon horse that only he can see. But the horse just might be the key to saving a child's life.

Happy the horse was replaced by Oswalt after original cast member Bobby Moynihan departed the show.


Happy! premieres on Syfy Wednesday, December 6.