Syfy Renews 'Happy!' for Season 2

Put those smiles back on – Syfy is giving Happy! another season!On Monday, Syfy announced that [...]

Put those smiles back on – Syfy is giving Happy! another season!

On Monday, Syfy announced that the ultra-violent dark comedy, based on Grant Morrison's graphic novel, was renewed for a second season, just days ahead of its Season 1 finale.

Starring Christopher Meloni, and featuring the vocal talents of Patton Oswalt, Happy! has been nothing short of a hit for the cable network. The series premiere, back on December 7, drew in 1.708 million viewers in the Live+3 ratings, as well as 779,000 viewers in the 18-49 demographic, making it Syfy's best debut since The Magicians in 2016.

The ratings weren't the only numbers that reported strong for the new series. The premiere garnered 212 million impressions on Twitter.

"Happy! struck a chord with our Syfy audience and disrupted the TV landscape with its unique storytelling and outrageous performances led by Christopher Meloni," said Chris McCumber, President, Entertainment Networks, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. "If people thought this season was crazy – I can't wait for fans to see what Grant Morrison, Brian Taylor and the entire cast and crew have in store for Sax and Happy!"

Happy! stars Meloni as Nick Sax, a corrupt, and often drunk, ex-cop turned hit man who finds himself in a bit of a rut. After a near-death experience, Sax is comes across an imaginary flying horse named Happy (Oswalt) who tried to convince him to help a little girl in danger.

The Season 1 finale of Happy! airs on Wednesday at 10pm ET on Syfy.