Harley Quinn: The Justice League Finally Returns

The 11th episode of Harley Quinn's second season dropped on DC Universe today and followed Harley [...]

The 11th episode of Harley Quinn's second season dropped on DC Universe today and followed Harley and Joker as they attempted to find the Book of Fables in order to bring back the Justice League. Last week's episode saw Doctor Psycho turning on the crew and taking control of the parademons, so Harley realized her best bet to stop him would be to bring back the team of heroes, who have been trapped in the book since last season. Unfortunately, the only person who knows the location of the book is the Joker, so Harley was forced to make a tough choice last week and return him to his old self. The exes went on a little adventure, which ultimately led to the return of the Justice League.

After returning to his former self, Joker realizes the Book of Fables is at his new girlfriend's house. Ashamed that he spent the last six months as a suburban step-dad, Joker breaks up with Bethany. In her anger, she throws the book into the sky, and it's taken by a parademon. While attempting to track down the book, Joker wonders if he made a mistake in ending his relationship and gives Harley a hard time for letting Poison Ivy go. After a battle with the parademons, Joker and Harley are saved by Batman, but they realize they were chasing the wrong book the entire time. The three former enemies decide to team up and return to Bethany's house. Joker confessed his love for Bethany, she gives him the right book, and the Justice League returns!

Unfortunately, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, and Green Lantern are pretty shaken from their time in the book, having been forced to listen to the same songs over and over again. The Flash decides to head back to Central City and Superman flies away. It's unclear if they'll all team up again in the next episode, but we're willing to bet Wonder Woman plans to stick around considering Doctor Psycho is one of her usual foes. In addition to the return of the Justice League, this week also ended on an intense cliffhanger. After being mind-controlled by Doctor Psycho, Poison Ivy shows up at Bethany's house with plans to kill Harley.

Recently, Harley Quinn showrunner Patrick Schumacker took to Twitter to brainstorm an idea for the show's third season but also confirmed that a new batch of episodes are not yet in the works. Musing on the series and current events, Schumacker tweeted: "Well, I think Harley Season 3* will open with Gothamites on a Zoom screaming obscenities at Commissioner Gordon and his fellow cops. *If we get a season 3."

New episodes of Harley Quinn drop on Fridays.