Harley Quinn: Darkseid Returns to Kill Harley

The penultimate episode of Harley Quinn's second season just dropped and saw the end of Doctor [...]

The penultimate episode of Harley Quinn's second season just dropped and saw the end of Doctor Psycho's big plans to kill Harley and take over Gotham. Last week, the tiny villain struck up a deal with Darkseid. If Psycho could bring Darkseid Harley's head, Darkseid agreed to help him take over the entire world. After mind-controlling Poison Ivy in an attempt to catch Harley, Psycho's plans were ultimately thwarted when a kiss from Harley snapped Ivy back to reality. Harley was then able to defeat Psycho, leaving only Darkseid standing in their way of victory. Here's how the supervillain reacted...

Impressed with Harley's work, Darkseid changed his mind about wanting Harley dead and rekindled his offer to help her take over Gotham. However, Harley declined, announcing that she doesn't think she's a supervillain any longer. Now that she knows what she really wants (Ivy), her heart just isn't in the bad guy game anymore. "Your indecision baffles and angers me," Darkseid replies. "For this, I shall return one day and terraform your planet into a scrapyard." The character then heads back to Apokolips, leaving behind his "ominous" warning, which will surely come back to haunt Harley's crew in a future season. That is... if the show gets renewed.

Recently, Harley Quinn showrunner Patrick Schumacker took to Twitter to brainstorm an idea for the show's third season but also confirmed that a new batch of episodes is not yet in the works. Musing on the series and current events, Schumacker tweeted: "Well, I think Harley Season 3* will open with Gothamites on a Zoom screaming obscenities at Commissioner Gordon and his fellow cops. *If we get a season 3."

As for Darkseid, this has been an exciting time for the character as it was just announced that he'll be appearing in Zack Snyder's Justice League cut. DC fans got their biggest bombshell yet last month when it was announced that the once-mythical "Snyder Cut" will be debuting on HBO Max in 2021. The Hollywood Reporter recently published an in-depth write-up about the Snyder Cut and confirmed that yes, Darkseid is expected to make an appearance in the finished product. Darkseid was rumored to be making an appearance in Justice League almost before the theatrical cut premiered, and Snyder has teased the superpowered god's role in the years since. Ray Porter, who was lined up to voice Darkseid in the film, has also advocated for the Snyder Cut's release for quite a while.

The season two finale of Harley Quinn drops next Friday, June 26th, on DC Universe.