Harry Potter's Emma Thompson Hosts SNL

Emma Thompson will be hosting this weekend's Saturday Night Live, and the cast couldn't be more thrilled. Thing is, while the cast is excited, Kate McKinnon is beyond excited, and as we see in the new promos for the upcoming episode, went to great lengths to help the renowned actress and Harry Potter star feel at home. In the first promo, we see McKinnon elated that she will be the one to give Thompson the tour of Rockefeller Center, and Thompson needn't be worried that her dressing room will be big enough, as McKinnon has seen to giving it the special treatment.

Thompson's dressing room is decorated to the nines with a large comfy chair, ornate art, and even an antique tea set. Slippers are also by the seat just for Thompson, and when she asks 'is it always like this', McKinnon says "Yes. I didn't do anything to it...with my own money...certainly. Not cuz you're my hero and I want you to feel comfortable."

She also shows Thompson a tiny bell she can ring if she needs anything, and Thompson also notices a chair that has Kate written on it. When asked what that's for, she said she can sit there and wait for her to ring the bell, but Thompson said that won't be necessary. She also has an antique record player, but if for some reason that isn't working the Jonas Brothers are also in the room for live music.

Granted, they don't know every song, but they do know ever Jonas Brothers song, much to McKinnon's dismay.

The best part of the whole thing though is the suddenly lit up fireplace. Thompson hasn't seen any others through the building, and McKinnon gives the impression this is custom. Unfortunately Thompson doesn't notice a chimney of any kind, and sure enough, the fire alarm starts to go off.

The second promo features Thompson, the Jonas Brothers, and Pete Davidson. While it's the Mother's Day episode, Thompson is not a Mother at the moment, but a comedian, at least for the weekend. She can't shake certain habits though and goes to rub schmutz off of Pete's nose.

The next promo has Thompson very excited to have the Jonas Brothers there, Davidson's gift to her. She asks them if they can take a stroll and they say yes, but when Pete asks if he can come along she says no. That's cold, just so cold.

Thompson takes over Saturday Night Live tonight on NBC.



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