HBO Sets Release Date For New Original Comedy Series

HBO is brining a new original comedy series to the cable airwaves. Rain Dogs comes courtesy of Cash Carraway and BBC One on March 6. In the show, a single mother and a gay man forge a friendship that will see them trying to navigate a hysterically realistic world. Fans of I May Destroy You, and Fleabag should definitely be on the lookout for this show. Daisy May Cooper helps bring a darkly funny sensibility to her everyday life. Rain Dogs draws from her experience near the poverty line and thinks that "authenticity" has a definite place on-screen. In an interview with Deadline last year, the writer talked about her experience trying to get the show off the ground and how the landscape can be harsh for original projects.

"Well it made us laugh and it made mum laugh and we just thought 'Well fuck it if mum's laughing then we must be onto something.'," Cooper shared. "We didn't even have a laptop – most of it was written on a small Argos pad and then typed up in the library. But we sent it to literally every production company in Britain and when [Starstruck and Catastrophe] producer Avalon showed interest we thought 'There must be something in this.'."

"Scripts can fall into the wrong hands and that's what destroyed the initial pilot for us," she continued. "Writing about that [in my autobiography] was therapeutic for me. I wanted to let those people [who worked on the pilot] know how hard it was for us to feel like we were at rock-bottom and be treated like that."

Later in the same conversation, the writer revealed that she's delighted to see so many more show dance along the line between comedy and drama. "You're not being truthful if you don't put both elements in," she says. "I've always thought to myself when watching serious cop dramas: 'What if the policeman needs to fart in the car?'. That's why [Emerald Fennell's Oscar-winning feature] Promising Young Woman was just so good. Shit like that really does happen."

What Is Rain Dogs About?

HBO Max dropped a description: "From the brilliant new voice of Cash Carraway, RAIN DOGS is an unconventional love story between a working class single mum, her 10-year-old daughter, and a privileged gay man. The dark comedy stars Daisy May Cooper, Jack Farthing, Ronke Adekoluejo, Adrian Edmondson and Fleur Tashjian in her debut role, as a dysfunctional family on the fringes of society attempting to go straight in a crooked world."

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