HBO Westworld Display at CCXP Might Reveal Major Spoilers

Though no footage from the new season was shown at the event, HBO's Westworld had a big showing at this year's Comic Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil with a huge booth that teased the upcoming season. At a glance, this graffiti covered wall looks mostly like a recreation from the set of the new batch of episodes but in fact there are clues to the third season hidden throughout! One photo from the event that made its way online (via the Westworld subreddit) has a huge reference to the events of the second season.

westworld spoilers wall at brazil ccxp from r/westworld

Across the wall is a graffiti tag that reads "What Door?" a reference to the gateway in the Westworld park which functioned as a place for the hosts to transition into a heaven-like paradise known as "The Valley Beyond." As you may recall in the final episode of the second season, The Valley was corrupted by a virus carrying host where The Hosts thought to be free were killed and their paradise ruined. After this, Dolores closed The Door. This new graffiti obviously refers to these events, but it's unclear who would be making such a message across the wall unless Dolores has spread the message of the lie of The Door to other Hosts and machines living in the real world.

Additional photos of the wall can be found on Twitter that offer a closer look at some of the other details (with the HBO Brazil account even confirming that some spoilers can be found on the wall!). Notably on the wall are wanted posters for "Maeve," the host played by Thandie Newton. The posters refer to her as a murderer, and their old west style implies that perhaps the hosts in Westworld (and the other parks) are after Maeve. Don't forget, thanks to her ability to control other hosts at will, Maeve forced many hosts to take their own lives, likely giving her this label and a reputation as a killer.

Two other notable pieces on the wall, seemingly at odds with each other, are the anti-Robot posters with a red slash through a robot and the word "Souless" and another tag that reads "We all bleed the same color." The anti-robot posters are pretty clear, but the second perhaps indicates a rival tag to the photos. Though The Hosts are not human, they do in fact have bodies that appear human-like, down to the blood that spurts from their wounds.


Finally one more potential clue lives in the code that is just barely visible on the wall. Clearly bolded in the text are the words "DECEIVE" and "ABANDONFUN," hidden near them is the text "W.Arnold," perhaps implying that Arnold Weber aka Bernard is set to deceive the other hosts or abandon all fun (perhaps not the complete command) in the new season.

What do you think the clues for season 3 of Westworld are hidden in these photos? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below and look for the new season to premiere on HBO in 2020.