Henry Winkler Auctioning Happy Days Fonzie Jacket, Plus The Waterboy & Scream Props

Fan favorite actor, comedian, and all around great-dude Henry Winkler has announced that he's selling off huge parts of his own personal collection of props and costumes from his decades long career in film and television. The Hollywood Reporter brings word of this sale, which will take place on Wednesday, December 8 at Bonhams Los Angeles. Among the items that will be available include a "complete Fonzie outfit" from Happy Days (including one of two Fonzie leather jackets in Winkler's possession) plus other items from the sitcom in addition to items from his films like The Waterboy, Scream, and Night Shift.

"During the pandemic, I had the urge for spring cleaning except that it lasted for a year and a half," Winkler told The Hollywood Reporter about his collection. "I found 27 boxes, and those boxes were filled with memorabilia from Happy Days to The Waterboy to Scream." Among the items from those two movies are "the book that I held on the sidelines in The Waterboy for making plays" and "two masks from Scream that I cut onscreen and the prop people gave me them because they weren't going to be used again." Money raised from the Winkler Collection items will benefit This Is About Humanity, a nonprofit  founded by his daughter, Zoe Winkler.

Despite countless other characters on his resume, his work as consistent cool guy Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli on Happy Days remains Winkler's best known role. Only a handful of the iconic leather jackets worn by the character have been confirmed to exist with one donated to the Smithsonian, one going up for auction, and one staying with Winkler. The complete Fonzie costume that will be available for sale is estimated to go from anywhere to $50,000 to $70,000.

Winkler added,  "I realized I honestly am a hoarder. I save everything, thinking it is eventually going to be useful or important. I mean, I'm talking about jewelry boxes. Little boxes of different sizes, kind of stacked like a Russian doll, and I have saved them for 40 years thinking I'm going to give somebody a gift that is going to be this big, and I will have the box to put it in. Except I never found the gift to actually put in the box."

What item from Winkler's storied career would you like to bid on if given the chance? Sound off below!


(Cover photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)