'Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie' Sneak Peek Released

This Friday, Nickelodeon is hitting that big red nostalgia button by releasing its newest TV adventure, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie.

Ahead of its debut this weekend, Nickelodeon has unveiled a new clip from the movie, and it brings back yet another character that fans may have forgotten about. Olga Pataki, the older sister of Helga, is chaperoning the middle school trip to the jungle.

In the clip, you'll see Olga interrupting Helga's daydream monologue about Arnold. She quickly informs her younger sister that she'll be accompanying her class to the big field trip down to South America. Shortly after that, Mr. Pataki comes into the picture with a big bag of beepers that he asks his daughters to try and sell to the locals.

In typical Hey Arnold! fashion, most of the clip focuses on the hilarious antics of Arnold's grandparents.

Arnold's grandfather is pestering him about keeping away from various diseases in the jungle. Of course, as the man always does, he takes things a little too far. After being removed form the plane, still listing off random diseases that Arnold could contract, Grandpa gets the help of his wife to continue his rant.


Grandma hijacks the step truck that let the kids onto the plane and drives it alongside the plane until it takes off, allowing Grandpa to keep spouting off advice.

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie will debut on Nickelodeon this Friday, November 24 at 7 p.m. ET.