Hulu Ranks Top 3 Original Netflix Shows

Over the last couple of years, various companies have started a new social media strategy in which [...]

Over the last couple of years, various companies have started a new social media strategy in which their Twitter accounts talk like they're real people, with minds of their own. This allows them to interact with users in unique ways, for better or worse. Because of this trend, accounts like Netflix and Hulu have taken on Internet personalities. All of that to say, Hulu shared a type of Ask Me Anything meme on Twitter Thursday afternoon, prompting fans to ask the account about its "Top Three Anything." I, like any other normal and sane person, couldn't help but poke a little fun at this weird request. What I didn't expect was for Hulu to actually reply.

After getting over the thought of "Why is a streaming service wanting me to ask about its Top Three list," I simply replied to the tweet with a request about its rival, Netflix.

"Top 3 Netflix originals." That's all I said, figuring that it would provide a chuckle for the few people who looked at the replies to Hulu's strange, sentient prompt. But that's not what happened. Instead, Hulu came back with an actual answer, ranking its top three shows on Netflix.

Hulu's list ranked Black Mirror as the top Netflix original, followed by BoJack Horseman at number two, and Stranger Things at number three. It's a pretty safe (and kind of boring) list, but it's a list nonetheless. Plus, it's not even the best part of Hulu's response.

Yes, Hulu ranked the three best shows belonging to its biggest rival, and now it's putting the ball in Netflix's court to do the same. At the end of the tweet, the Hulu account tagged Netflix and wrote, "You feel free to let us know your top 3 Hulu Originals whenever you're ready."

At the time of writing this article on Thursday, Netflix hadn't yet responded.

What are your top three Netflix original shows? Do you agree that these sentient corporate Twitter accounts are honestly kind of creepy? Let us know in the comments!