Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey Comic 'Injection' to be Adapted for TV

Magic and technology will collide on the small screen as Universal Cable Productions announced it [...]

Magic and technology will collide on the small screen as Universal Cable Productions announced it is adapting the Image Comics series Injection.

The title was created by writer Warren Ellis, line artist Declan Shalvey, and color artist Jordie Bellaire in 2015. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Injection is Ellis' second project at Universal Cable Productions after El Pantera.

Injection is about a group of five people who created an advanced artificial intelligence and fused it with ritualistic magic. The result was what they call Injection, which begins to manifest throughout the world as folklore and mystical legends coming true with often fatal results.

The five are then tasked with stopping their creation before it can wreak havoc on humanity.

Ellis, Bellaire, and Shalvey share ownership of the project, so if it were to get picked up by a network it's likely to be a lucrative deal for the creators. Ellis currently serves as a writer for the animated Netflix adaptation of Castlevania.

Universal Cable Productions has a stable of popular and critically acclaimed series such as Mr. Robot, The Magicians, 12 Monkeys, and The Royals. This is not their first comic book adaptation as they also have Happy! on SyFy, based on the series by Grant Morrison and Derick Robertson. There's also an adaptation of Umbrella Academy for Netflix in the works.

Our own Chase Magnett wrote about Injection last year, praising it for its superb art and wonderful narrative.

"The science fiction credentials, superb artwork and storytelling, and great list of characters are all excellent reasons to check out Injection. They're also all elements of the big reason to read this comic: It's a great comic. No single element can be attributed for its success because it is all of these elements and others working in concert that create the experience."

There's no one yet attached to the series, and it's much to early in the development phase for a network to commit to any sort of pilot or series order. But we'll likely hear more about that in the coming months as progress starts to pick up on the new series.

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