Jeffrey Dean Morgan Breaks His Silence on 'Supernatural's Ending

Supernatural is (finally) coming to end after a decade and a half, as the showrunners and stars [...]

Supernatural is (finally) coming to end after a decade and a half, as the showrunners and stars have made the official announcement that the upcoming season 15 would also be the end of the show. There's since been an understandable mix of sadness, bittersweet acknowledgement, and (of course) anger from the Inernet, but in this case, some opinions definitely count more than others.

Case in point: one fan-favorite member of the Supernatural cast is breaking his delayed silence about the show's ending: The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has played Sam and Dean Winchesters' father, John Winchester.

Here's what Morgan has to say about Supernatural coming to an end:

Morgan's John Winchester, and the demon hunter's vendetta against Azazel, demon Prince of Hell, was the catalyst for much of Supernatural's primary season 1 and 2 story arcs. The show also gave Morgan the chance to showcase his talent in a variety of ways, as he didn't just play the hard-edged John Winchester, but also a version of John that had been possessed by Azazel. Those combinations of deeper dramatic prowess and over-the-top acting to play an eccentric villain, would lead Morgan to big roles in shows like Grey's Anatomy, the Watchmen movie adaptation, and (eventually) his current biggest breakout role yet, as fan-fav Walking Dead villain, Negan.

No doubt there will be some fans hoping that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will pop-up in some kind of final Supernatural appearance, most likely in the series finale. Last we saw John (as his actual adult self) his soul had been put to rest - maybe Sam and Dean will either get a visitation opportunity with his ghost - or one (or both) of the boys possibly ends up in his company, for good.

Arrow airs Monday nights at 8/7c. Supernatural airs Thursday nights at 8/7c.


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