Jimmy Kimmel Clip Reveals Game of Thrones Chemistry Between Bran and the Night King

The Battle of Winterfell happened on Sunday night’s Game of Thrones, and the outcome of the long-awaited fight between the living and the dead is finally known to fans of the HBO series. The Internet is abuzz with chatter about the episode from new theories to fan art to some hilarious jokes. One fan who decided to have a little fun with the episode is Jimmy Kimmel, who recently shared a clip of the Night King confronting Bran... with a romantic twist.

“We learned that the Night King, the dreaded Night King, has kind of a cute smile,” Kimmel joked.

Before sharing a clip that shows Bran and the Night King’s “date with destiny,” the host teased that he sensed some chemistry between the two characters. In the clip above, Kimmel took his theory one step further by jazzing up their meeting with a little rendition of “Tonight I Celebrate My Love.”

“Fortunately, it didn’t show the making love part,” Kimmel joked before adding one more silly theory.

“I have a theory about Game of Thrones last night. I believe Bran has been high the whole time. Just sitting there chilling out in his wheel— I think he ate a bag of pot gummy worms and that was it,” he added.

Now that audiences knows the fate of the Night King (no, he didn’t run off to start a happy life with Bran), fans are eager to learn what will happen during the final three episodes of the series. If you’re worried about what’s to come, you’re not wrong. The series’ writer and producer, Bryan Cogman, recently shared that audience opinion does not factor into their decisions.

"We just have to tell the story we want to tell and feel the rhythm of the story as we're laying it out," Cogman explained. "There aren't any conversations about what people are going to think. If it feels right, that's what we do.”

What do you think will happen in the next episode? Will Jon try to take the Iron Throne? Does Cersei have any more tricks up her sleeve? Will Jaime continue to fight for Daenerys' cause? Tell us in the comments!

Game of Thrones airs Sunday nights on HBO TV at 9pm EST.



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