Jupiter's Legacy Behind-the-Scenes Photo Shows Bloody Aftermath of Epic Battle

Now that Jupiter's Legacy has hit Netflix, giving fans something to binge throughout May, behind-the-scenes snapshots of the series are starting to surface online. One of the pictures comes courtesy of Tenika Davis, the actor behind The Flare II in the series. Sunday morning, Davis shared an image of herself and other stars of the show smiling in front of a green screen.

Since most of the superheroes are bloodied, and the fact a green screen is involved, it's likely this picture was taken at some point during the filming of the massive Blackstar fight at the beginning of the series. "To all the amazing group of SUPER talents that put endless hours of work into this show #1 across the globe...THANK YOU," Davis shared on Instagram. "You make it look easy. Love and respect."

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Should Netflix give Jupiter's Legacy a sophomore outing, Mark Millar says his comic series should be a good template for the future of the show. That includes a major death that didn't find its way into the first batch of episodes.

"We know where we're going. I mean the books are a good template. You know, the books are all sitting there for us so ... we have a very rough plan, but we know it all depends on hopefully, not to get too cocky, that the audience responds the way we think they will, but we feel good about it," Millar told ComicBook.com's JK Schmidt. "Like we feel as if people are going to like this; the response so far has been amazing. So we really feel this has got a lot of likes, I think. So, yeah, we do. I mean, we talk privately all the time about what we'd like to do but nothing can be formal until we get our numbers."

The series is an adaptation of the first two stories in the comic — Jupiter's Legacy and Jupiter's Circle. Next month, a third volume launches, called Jupiter's Legacy Requiem.

"I wanted a back history for all these characters and also the future of where all the descendants were going to be and everything. So this is the story about the descendants. You know, so that was four volumes," Millar added. "So far we've done the past, we've done the present. And now the story is gonna be one generation into the future, which is so fun to play with. So now, you know, a huge, tens of millions of people are going to know who Chloe and Hutch are. So Chloe and Hutch's children are going to be really interesting, seeing them. So that's where we begin, Chloe and Hutches' kids. And there's a whole resolution set within the scene. What was the island really? 'Cause we've never had that explained, where does this all been going? What's the story really been about? The final 12 issues explain all."


Jupiter's Legacy is now streaming on Netflix.

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